You Be The Judge And Jury

You Be The Judge and Jury - 911 The Turth Exposed


This website is politically incorrect! 

Visiting this website may cause you to incite a rebellion! 

The names have NOT been changed to protect the Guilty!

"Your rulers are rebels and companions of thieves; everyone loves a bribe, and chases after rewards."

"The execution of justice is joy for the righteous, But is terror to the workers of inequity."

We The People vs. Our Adversary  

Whereas, We The People do hereby charge the "Enemy of Mankind" with the Acts of Rebellion, Insurrection, Treason, and War Crimes against We The People


To My Father, who planted the seed of my life in my mothers womb.  And, to my mother for giving my birth so that I may bring this case to you!

To my Sons and We the People, so that they may not have to suffer at the hands of the oppressor any longer. To be a free generation everlasting.

To the SPIRIT of Freedom that dwells within those brave men and women who have awakened to the Truth & Knowledge and have taken a stand against the modern day Tyrants, Despots and Money-Changers that seek to overthrow the world so that they might emerge as rulers of all.

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of wickedness in the high places."

The purpose of this website, You Be The Judge and Jury is to present the facts and evidence of the treasonous acts being committed against We The People, by our own government, members of private organizations, tax exempt foundations and the International MONEY-CHANGERS.

Secondly, is to expose the Silent War declared covert war against We The People by our own government under the War Powers Act of 1917, as amended, March 9, 1933 which officially declared all individuals as enemies of the State and their plans to abolish our Sovereignty and deliver the United States of America into the hands of a One-World Totalitarian Military Dictatorship under the disguise of the United Nations, called the "New World Order". And, to provide you, the American people with two solutions to save the downfall of America and end this Covert War Against We The People.

Finally, is to answer the old age question: "Is the Love Of Money The Root of All Evil"  The answer is Yes! But decide for yourself.

As the prosecutor, the author chose the title "You Be The Judge and The Jury" because the final verdict of Guilt or Innocence will lie entirely in your hands. I now call upon you to carefully examine the facts and evidence of treason, war crimes, hunger and economic chaos bestowed upon the People of the World by the defendants.

You Be The Judge and Jury

"And from the days of John the Baptist until now
the kingdom of heaven suffers violence,
and violent men take it by force."

(Matthew 11:12)


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